--Old Farm

The Voice of Madera



      This is part of the old web site, just to get a look at a photo my old QTH

      in Madera, ca.

This is it for now

In the photo above, on the left in foreground  we have  my 25' home brew mini tower trailer with 2" tubing rising to about 85' and 2 55' top loading wires to make my 160 Meter vertical. Next in line moving right, behind the carport is my free standing Tristao 71' Heavy duty tower with my 4 6M7MYC 6 meter array. I also use the boom of the 6 Meter H-frame as the boom for my 40M2LLDD 40 meter mono bander. The 40 Meter elements are parallel to the booms of the 6 Meter yagis. Next is my short tower with the 4 2MXP32 2 Meter array. Next a Triex MW50, 50' tower supporting the center of my 80 meter quad loop and also the Cushcraft A3WS 12 and 17 meter dual band yagi that rotates inside the loop. This is accomplished by mounting a pole vaulting pole on a bearing mounted to the mast above the yagi. The mast turns, but not the pole. The 80 meter loop passes thru the pole vaulting pole and is free floating so no strain between towers. The ends of the loop run from the 71' Tristao to the 72' guyed tower. On top of the tower above the loop is a discone used for local uhf/vhf repeaters.  Next is a US Tower MA40 with my 5 element 15 Meter antenna. Next, behind the house we have a 38' tower with a 5 element 10 meter yagi at 39" and a home brew 2 element 30 Meter yagi at 50'. Next we have my 72' Tower with my 20 meter 4 element home brew mono band yagi at 73'. No, I do not have leaning towers, This is just an optical illusion.