--QTH 2001



      In 2000 I rented a house in an almond orchard.





      From left to right, 50" tower with Hygain TH6DXX. 50' tower withAntron A99.

      Gap I think Voyager verticle. (worthless antenna).

      72' tower with home brew 17M above rotor, M2 2 element 40M at 80' and M2 6M5X 6 meters at 89'

      The triangle at top of tower support 160M and 80M full size quad loops. At the far right you see power pole with pipe extension support 1 end of loops.





View from the back. Notice power pole by propane tank, this and the pine tree far left supportrs 80 meter loop.

The 160 meter loop goes to pole in first photo at street, to the power pole by shop right edge photo





Left tower has Wilson 1000R rotor, it would not fit in tower.





Front of house





2001 Shack